Asbury Park Women’s Convention Joins Forces Again for “BANS OFF OUR BODIES”

The Asbury Park women’s organization will be hosting the event to raise money and awareness for reproductive rights.

On Saturday July 9 at 4PM, join the Asbury Park Women’s Convention for a rally to fight for reproductive rights in Springwood Park, Asbury Park. The Women’s Convention, co-founded in 2017 by Deputy Mayor Amy Quinn and Jess Alaimo, will be organizing the event. Other APWC members and organizers include Councilwoman Yvonne Clayton, Councilwoman Eileen Chapman, Women’s March Founder Dani Fiori, Michelle Gladden, and Christina Zuk. 

The event will feature an eclectic group of speakers, musicians, and more. The crowd can expect to hear personal stories from women from all walks of life. Money will be raised to help provide abortion access to women all over America. The rally will present “action items” for attendees to work on after they leave. APWC recognizes that this isn’t a one-time rally – this is the start of a long fight.

“We already won this fight fifty years ago. We will not stand by idly as they dismantle the rights that my generation fought for,” added Councilwoman Yvonne Clayton. “With the majority of Americans supporting a woman’s right to choose, this isn’t about political lines. This is about all Americans coming together and restoring the will of the people.”

“This is just the beginning. Next they will be coming after contraception, marriage equality, and more,” said Jess Alaimo. “Our event will welcome everyone – regardless of political affiliation. Pro-choice Americans exist on all party lines. Now is the time to come together and fight for women.”

Bans Off Our Bodies starts at 4PM on Saturday July 9th in Springwood Park.

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