The Asbury Park Women’s Convention is excited to bring together women of ALL political affiliations for a day of humor, inspiration, and activism.  Are you tired of feeling like your vote doesn’t count, or that your issue isn’t being heard? APWC will focus on harnessing the power of diverse women to create transformative social change.

Come and join the discussion on issues that affect you personally, like equal pay, sexual assault, and the rising cost of healthcare.  The Asbury Park Women’s Convention can’t wait to give you the tools to affect tangible change. Through the power of acclaimed speakers, unconventional conversation, interactive panels, live music, and comedy, we unite for one main purpose: Getting Shit Done.

The Asbury Park Women’s Convention is an opportunity to get off social media and into action! From women who have never been politically active in their life, to community leaders or artists, to renowned politicians, the Asbury Park Women’s Convention welcomes you.